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CRG "Roll-a-Click" Large Pivot Leverset

CRG "Roll-a-Click" Small Pivot Leverset

The original elegant, easy to adjust billet aluminum levers by CRG. Stronger and nicer looking than OEM, CRG levers have a break off spot to leave you a lever in case of a tip over so you can make it home. Available in brake or clutch side for conventional Brembo "goldline" master cylinders ( non radial master cylinders).

Two sizes:
Early Ducatis (before 99) have a large hollow 12mm pivot bolt and original black or anthracite adjustable levers. All "coffin style" master cylinders use the large hollow pivot.

Most newer bikes (after 1999) have the small solid 8mm pivot bolt with a flat screwdriver head on the top and silver adjustable levers

Some late model Monsters use the large Hollow pivot. Also some Monsters use a clutch imhibitor, make sure you use the year/make/model selection to get the correct lever.
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