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Oneal Element Blutooth Helmet Worth it...?

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I was shopping around for helmets and came across the element blutooth helmet. http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/ESRm...ASTRACK_MOTORCYCLE_HELMET_BLUETOOTH_HELMET_HA

Nice concept I would imagine, but does it really work. I have seen some reviews on it and people seem to say they like it overall. I also think the feature to talk from helmet to helmet within 100 feet is also a nice option.

It is not very expensive... also another plus.

The DOWNside... (always a downside.) It seems to not be snell approved only DOT... Im not quite sure on all the tests they must pass to be DOT or Snell but what I hear is that DOT has very very low regualtions on what a helmet can withstand.

This wouldnt be my main riding helmet just something on the weekend when I go riding with friends. So just trying to see if I should risk sacraficing saftey to pick up that phone call and to listen to music... Doesnt seem like a smart buy to me.