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Can't say with absolute certainty but I'm pretty sure it will . My track bike is a 90 750 sport frame with a 99 750 monster engine . Here are a few things I can tell you . Obviously there are a few minor differences in the frames . The Sport frame has a cross tube between the top 2 frame rails behind the steering head . That means a standard SS airbox won't fit . That problem could be solved by running pod filters on the carbs . It also means the frame is less likely to crack in the frame tube/steering head area . In fact , whem I had the frame cracks fixed on my 96 Street 900 SS/SP , I ad my welder/fabricator put a brace on it similar to the one on the sport chassis . Time and miles will tell if it solved that problem .

Also , the later model 2 valve engines use a smaller diameter swingarm spindle than the older sport engines , so when I put the later model engine in my sport chassis I had to source an SS swingarm and spindle .

Hope this helps

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