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Relatively new to cycling, took MSF course four years ago. Did the Harley thing, did the BMW thing. Discovered the joy of rehabbing good old bikes that are robust, simple, well designed. Just bought a '95 900SS/SP off ebay, my first ducati ever. Holy cow! This bike is fun as all get out.

It's kind of a project bike. PO runs a shop, got it after somebody dropped it. Put a new front fairing on it, did all the necessary maintenance, put a new speedo on it, and I think rebuilt or replaced the forks. Frame is straight, no cracks, a little surface corrosion on one side that needs attention.. Tank is kinda sad, needs paint and has a little dent. Seat and poop deck look fine.

Engine has around 17K. Just had belts changed and valves shimmed a couple thousand miles ago. Carb needs some tuning, running way too rich at 1/4 throttle. Although it starts and idles no problem, and 1/2 - WOT is great. Gonna drop some new needle jets in and see what happens. Front brakes are a little mushy, going to upgrade to stainless lines and while I'm at it, will inspect front calipers and see where I'm at. Other than that, it's serviceable. And it sounds just so badass.

This is going to be a fun winter project although I'm not sure which way it's gonna break. Powdercoat frame, clean up engine, restore tank... cosmetically it would look darn good at that point. Or maybe ditch the fairing, buy some Keihin's and some sticky rubber, and turn it into a track bike.

In that way, she's kinda like a 29 year old Panama City redneck.... sexy in sort of a Marlboro-smokin, Camaro driving sorta way. She's just at that cusp when I could take her out of that strip bar where she works, buy her some nice clothes, set her up with tennis lessons at the club, do something with that hair.... or just let her be my bad habit, let her be that tanned, gravelly-voiced beachy chick, hiding her tired face behind cheap sunglasses, but with that body that just keeps going and going....

Man, I could go for a rum-runner right about now....
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