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I have fallen totally in love with my XDiavel now that it works w/o me having to use the pin code to wake it up all the time.
I have been able to take a couple of very sporting rides for about 3-6 hours each with my buds and can now really appreciate the performance this bike has to offer. We are riding twisties in the PA and NJ mountains at speeds of 15-80 or so. The bike corners like it is on rails and the motor is extremely flexible with a wide range of torque. It is easy to stay in 2nd and power out of the really tight stuff and accelerate to the next corner w/o having to upshift. The engine braking is awesome and it sounds bitchin as well. The bike is agile and even with the foot forward position, I have no trouble following the Tuono, Super Duke, or Gixxer through the twisties. The only real difference is that my buds are always stretching their legs and squirming around in the seat, trying to get comfortable, and I am just "cruising" along. Here we are at Heisler's Dairy after crossing two mountain ranges in NE PA. I got about 38 mpg, and about 1000 spm, (smiles per mile) This bike is so good that I now understand why Ducati riders are so passionate about the brand and so tolerant of any owner difficulties the marque is known for. Tomorrow the Andreani and Penske upgrades take place. I am stoked.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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