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oil leaking 748 sps

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just fixed the gas leaking, it was just the o ring on the white plug... started the bike and while i was checking the throttle to adjust since i believe thats the broblem for the bad idle i realised i was leaking oil on the other side of the top cylinder...and looks quite a lot! some pictures attached. also lot of smoke inside the top cylinder trapped after i turned off and open to check with a lot of grey white powder on the walls in both cylinders. havent seen that before...throttle bodies were total clean just install them.. is it jsut a seal; a have spare i can replace but could be only this; or should i have a careful look before; the bike has 50.000 km is an sps model and until now didnt have any leakage...just started the bike after winter...last big service was 2 years ago at 39000 km


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Looks to me like it might be weeping from the breather filter on top of the gear box. Very common if a touch too much oil or pulling too many wheelies.
Fixed...one I tightened gasket on top cylinder was the oil leaking. News spark plugs did nothing so I checked coils and top cylinder cool was cooked. Replaced it but still had throttle pro lems and black smoke. Finally after checking wiring with multimeter I decided that should be the headlights. New leds I installed just 1 week ago. Took out the hi lo fuse problem fixed. Bike runs great again. Thanks anyway
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