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First off I will confess, I sit astride my stead, til i see the needle start to move on the oil temperature most times. But man it is a pain waiting for the damm thing to move. So a few questions; (you ready for this)

1. Does anyone know what the actual scale on the stock ducati gauge is?
2. I don't have a thread gauge, so does anyone know of the top of the head, the fixtures type on the 2001 900 sie?
3. Has anyone attempted a cooler bypass using a thermostat?
4. Would there be a temperature shock effect by using such as the cooler oil from the rad meets the hotter oil in the circuit?
5. What temperature would you set the thermostat to 60, 70 or 80 degrees Celsius?
6. Anyone replaced the stock gauge with a digital unit?

Thank you in advance.:D
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