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Oil Filters

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Ive been using Purlator Pure 1 filters on both my bikes. I'm picking up a MTS this next weekend and am wondering is there a Pure 1 that fits the MTS?
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US available: (exact)[/B]
K & N KN-153 (The nut on the can allows for easy removal)
I would not recommend using the K & N filter on any motorcycle. On numerous occasions, I've had to remove these filters on friends bikes that were over-tightened. This problem has now occurred on an ST3 motor I just purchased as a spare outfitted with this horrible filter.

The nut on the K & N filter is hollow. So if the filter is over-tightened, the nut easily strips leaving you with filter that is smooth on the outside with nothing to grab onto. It quickly becomes a nightmare to remove. I frankly only use the Ducati filter because they are easy to remove and I know they are made for the application. They cost a few dollars more, but with the price of gas at $4 a gallon and oil at $10 quart, you're not saving much when you look at the total operating cost of a bike. Maybe I'm overly cautious from past experience. Back in the 80s, riding buddies started using aftermarket filters on their bikes to save money resulting in filter elements coming apart and destroying motors. Today's filters are much better. But why take the chance.

There is simply no reason to over-tighten an oil filter. Ducati recommends 11nm on the oil filter cartridge. For me, that's too tight. I tighten the filter to 11nm, then back it down a 1/4 turn. I've never had one leak or stick tightening this way.
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