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Oil Filters

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Ive been using Purlator Pure 1 filters on both my bikes. I'm picking up a MTS this next weekend and am wondering is there a Pure 1 that fits the MTS?
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K&N serves several flavors of kool aid!
Excellent sir.

If I may, I would like to add to the list the Amsoil EaOM 138.
I was told by the person at Amsoil that this filter wasn't recommended for higher RPM as it wouldn't have adequate oil flow for proper oil pressure. If you have contradicting info please share; as one more choice is always welcome. Oddly enough no filter recommendations for the SFS on their site??
Hi Dirt now I know why you are called that you dig deep :D as I do for info. In reguards to your adding the Amsoil filter to the list I can tell you I have never been a fan of anything in the Amsoil lineup. There marketing hype just rubs me the wrong way. As you can attest to as far as there responses to your questions. There products may very well be suitable for most people. But thus far I have never seen them put up cold hard facts against there competitors that would make me use there products. You and I both know oil & oil filters are one of the most controversial subjects on any forum. That is why the list I compiled was kept short without all the dissection of microns, filter area, filter media, etc. The filters I listed satisfied my personal criteria list as to what I feel makes a good filter. And what I plan to use. I was very hesitant to make that post as I did not want to get innundated with questions reguarding my choices. I only put that list up as a reference to the options you have versus the OEM filter.
I am not in love w/ any oil company; but to be fair Amsoil has attempted to put facts out there like the "white papers" and such. They all stretch the truth!
Hey SB,

Guess what?
I just went onto their website to have a look around, and started to do some cross referencing.

If you go into their recommendations for 2013 models, you will find the EaoM138 listed for all the Multi's, all the Monsters (except the Diesel????), all the 848 superbikes AND the 848 SF:eek:
Actually that's the first time they've "ever" listed the EaoM 138 oil filter on their website.
Prior to this it was an obscure oil filter buried in the backwaters of their line up.
The bulk of Ducati owners can now rejoice. The EaoM 138 officially exists:)

The recommendations are not backward compatible to older models?????

They have also revised their recommendation right across the board regarding Engine oil to their MCV 20w-50 grade, Which is different to a lot of their previous recommendations of the MCF 10w-40 grade.
This brings them into line with the recent DUCATI owners manuals (it's about time):rolleyes:

That's the other thing with Amsoil that really ticks me off.
They're not totally up to date with their website recommendations and there are too many inconsistencies between years.
It's a right dogs breakfast. (Actually my dog is neater and tidier and he's a thing):D

It just causes too much confusion.
I believe they should concentrate less on updating the entire web site (which they do regularly).
And work more on dotting the I's and crossing their T's in their recommendations listings.

Now if they only made a 15w50.... not the racing oil they make for cars!:mad:
The K&N is a bad design; kinda like a "gimmick"; but I guess some have learned to work around it!
1 - 5 of 82 Posts
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