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Oil Filters

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Ive been using Purlator Pure 1 filters on both my bikes. I'm picking up a MTS this next weekend and am wondering is there a Pure 1 that fits the MTS?
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Every K&N automotive filter I've seen cut open never impressed me, makes me wonder if their motorcycle filters are any better quality or not. I think Champion still makes them for K&N to private label. At least while factory warranty is in force, its not a bad idea to just use the Ducati oil filter. Strap type oil filter wrench has always worked well for me for removing filters.

On the Testastretta 11* the bypass valve is on the engine and so the oil filter may not contain one.
K&N serves several flavors of kool aid!
Actually, it seems as though I am due to order a large plate of crow and a sturdy fork, after my post # 18 above.

I found this:

TPO Parts

They cut apart a K&N and a UFI which they say is a Ducati OEM filter and compared. The K&N smokes the UFI. Question is, is UFI definitely the OEM manufacturer for Ducati? If they are, that is not thrilling. UFI has a lot of production in China.
I will never use a k&n kn-153 again. Ducati OEM only for my bike from now on.

It's complicated and I'll just be accused of being subjective :D Suffice to say I think my bike runs better with OEM. Might have to do with the K&N may not have the same pressure threshold specification for the internal bypass valve of the filter. Who knows. OE for me!

I would like to know, but cannot find out anywhere, what the pressure spec is for the bypass valve in the Ducati filter vs. what it is for the K&N and other after market brands. Bypass valve on the oil filter mount housing on the engine block of the Testastretta only controls flow to the oil cooler, the filters still have an internal bypass valve to control flow to the filter media.

To illustrate using automotive instead of motorcycle, I can offer the situation with my Subaru as an example of the wild variances in internal bypass valve opening pressure spec for OEM vs after market: The Subaru OEM filter has a 23 psi spec for the spring that operates the internal bypass valve in the filter. Most after market filters are anywhere from 8 - 14psi, but Wix finally came out with a 23psi spec filter specifically for Subaru in 2011.

Does bypass valve opening pressure matter? I don't know. Question is better put to a powertrain engineer that chose the spec as it relates to the lubrication flow needs of the particular engine design at hand, and then passed that spec on to the maker of the OEM filters.
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I've never had a problem removing any filter using the right size metal strap style oil filter wrench. Just never use a tool to tighten them, hand only!
The K&N (kn-153) I used last year was stamped "Made in Thailand".
Prompted me to do this post: http://www.ducati.ms/forums/120-oil...o-filtro-similarities-beyond-coincidence.html
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