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Oil Filters

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Ive been using Purlator Pure 1 filters on both my bikes. I'm picking up a MTS this next weekend and am wondering is there a Pure 1 that fits the MTS?
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I've used K&N oil filters on multiple bikes in a variety of circumstances, including my track-only Honda SP2, always with good results.
Anyone ever study how filters are rated for cold flow? Riding in a cold rain or under 55 degrees makes me wonder. I sure wouldn't want to (likely have for years) ride around all day with the filter in bypass.
Who other than me blocks off the oil cooler under 55 to keep oil temps up.

Yeah yeah, here come the I never see temps under 55 or have rain where I live posts.
On the Gulf Coast we see RAIN. No such thing as a drizzle. If it's raining, it's usually a downpour. No fun for driving in let alone riding in. The winters are mild but still that 'ole Southern Humidity. 55 degrees feels like 30 with the chill going right through you. Also, not too fun to ride in. I'm envious of the riders on the West Coast.
1 - 2 of 82 Posts
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