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Oil Filters

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Ive been using Purlator Pure 1 filters on both my bikes. I'm picking up a MTS this next weekend and am wondering is there a Pure 1 that fits the MTS?
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I use the K&N 153 and have been very happy with this filter and the price. Plus, any dealer can order the K&N.

Does anyone know of a can cutter to use to open the fitters to inspect the inner filter elememt?

These are usually like a tubing cutter with a wheel so you can open the can for inspection.
I still like the K&N 153. Any filter would be a pain if it is overtightened.

Summit racing oil filter can cutter looks good to me. Great for inspecting the inside paper elements.

On the oil filter I ignore Ducati torque. Put a film on oil on the rubber seal, seat the filter by hand and then rotate a 1/4 turn and stop. No leaks and never any removal issues. Plus they have a tab for safety wire if that makes ya feel better or your racing.
Has anyone had bad issues with the K&N 153"s?

I use them all the time but would like to know if your having problems.

As always, products do not always remain the same.
1 - 3 of 82 Posts
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