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Oil Filters

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Ive been using Purlator Pure 1 filters on both my bikes. I'm picking up a MTS this next weekend and am wondering is there a Pure 1 that fits the MTS?
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I've had a Ducati filter leak around the metal to metal seal.
I thought it may be the gasket , but the installing dealer found the filter to be defective...
one in a million I guess...

I usually support the dealer and buy extras when they have a sale on...$13 - $15 each ...
The filters leaked at the metal seal where the mounting base part is met with the tin can housing. Rolled over rim.

First service so it was replaced by dealer ( I wonder if they used the same drained oil???)
Of course they said they used new oil!!!
Just done a change and the K&N was a bitch to get off.
back to the Ducati ones just because I have a couple on the shelf!
I'll add an oil Filter to make the purchase price enough to get free shipping.
Exercise care when installing the K&N-153 filter. The nut on the filter is formed as part of the casing — hollow not solid — so if the filter is over-tightened, the nut easily deforms leaving you with filter that is smooth on the outside with nothing to grab onto (it’s a nightmare to remove.)
Ok so a point blank question.
What is the LAW on tightening an oil filter, NOT the recommended torque but.
Spin it on and when the gasket makes contact with a teeny tiny bit of resistance, then turn about 3/4 of a turn? or a Full Turn?
Inquiring minds want to know!
And I will not try to sue you if it leaks or is a bugger to get off!

I don't like the K&N nut as I think it is a sloppy fit! and I am OK with Ducati recommended stock filter, ones has to (likes to) think it meets all requirements.
I like the usually part!

Just SOMETIMES the filters get so hard to take off, when it is not the first filter we have put on.
The K&N gasket seemed to almost taper narrowing at the top of the gasket (opening to the top)

As with everything there will always be the not perfect one.
That some guys always seem to get stuck with!;)
I used a Brand new never been used 5/8" impact socket, applied some pressure upward and the K&N was a Bitch to get off.
K&N, I find the "Nut" to be well , it could be better, lets say.

The bike was on a lift and I started to turn the whole lift I was turning so hard. Almost bent the 3/4" drive ratchet!
I was going the right way too.
All this basic knowledge about a simple filter install and removal.
People saying decades and never having any trouble.
Well Don't JINX yourself , the next one may be the Bastard that gets stuck on you .

1 - 6 of 82 Posts
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