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I got my bike finally, put first miles on it and need to change oil and filter. I got filters from dealer, but these look different that the one I took off the bike. Original is slightly taller and the number is 444.4.017.1A, dealer provided has number 444.4.003.4A. Filters also differ with number of holes on the bottom (8 vs 6).
Anybody knows if there is any significance in that? Any vendors on board? Dealer techs?

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Well, I've found Ducati catalogues online and it turns out that 444.4.003.4A (dealer provided) is for 1098, while original from Streetfighter is the same as for 1198... So return to parts guy.
I put the original back, with a new oil. I should be OK until Tuesday.

Edit: typed too fast. 1198 and 1098 both have 444.4.003.4A, filter number 444.4.017.1A is only for 1098R Bayliss... Hmm... I might be OK with this filter - maybe Guido in factory just put on bike what was left in the parts bin at the end of the shift, and there isn't much difference between these.

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I've been using the K&N filter, has the nut on it for positive torquing and or wiring secure. I believe its the 153

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i'm going to run a scotts stainless steel reusable oil filter on my SF.

(Oahu, they are on Honolulu Ave, in California. :D)


Oil Filters:
The Finest Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter You Can Buy
Why Scotts is the best:
Setting the Industry Standard with Technological advancements in product design
10 Years of Engineering, manufacturing and testing
Technical information and assistance available directly from the manufacturer
3 Pleat welded seam (best sealing and strongest
Passes ASTMF316 Test for 35 Microns
Certified "Bubble Point" testing on media
Passes 24 hour chemical resistance test
Custom woven media
Able to withstand 600 degrees F.
Full Flow bypass with progressive valving. No need to disassemble for cleaning.
Magnetic pre-filtering (all spin-on models)
Will Manufacture Custom Filters for Specialty and Vintage applications.
Stocking orders filled WITHOUT waiting for overseas shipments.
Sonic cleaning available from the manufacturer
Used by the most factory backed riders
Labeled "4-Stroke insurance" by MotoCross Action Magazine
Rated "9" by Dirt Rider Magazine
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Applications for just about everything that rolls, floats or glides across the snow.
100% In-House design and Manufactured in the USA

Superior Filtration:
This should be the last oil filter you will ever buy! Made from laser cut, medical grade, 304 stainless steel micronic filter cloth, this filter provides 200% more filter area in many cases. Most good paper filters will pass particles in the 90 to 95 micron range, and some tested, as much as 300 microns. Sand is about 125 microns and a white blood cell approximately 25 microns. Our stainless filter catches items down to 35 microns "absolute", which is about 3 times better than most good paper or brass filters. The pleat seam is welded, able to withstand up to 600 degrees in our filter, not glued, like paper filters.

Cleanable and reusable:
Simply remove the filter, rinse in clean solvent and replace it, you're done. The filter can be cleaned with solvent, kerosene, aerosol carburetor cleaner, or any other degreasing agent, even common dish soap. You can even blow air through the filter from the inside out to remove any small particles or cleaning agent from the screen if you so desire.

Consistent flow under all conditions:
Stainless steel will stand up to the stress of heat, high pressure and physical handling much better than paper or brass. This filter maintains consistent flow under all conditions including cold start ups and or under extreme heat. A one inch square of this micron filter material will flow 1.9 gallons of 90 weight oil per minute at only 1 psi pump pressure (70 degrees F). Our typical filter size is 30 sq. in. which equals the flow of 57 gallons per minute. Standard paper filters do not flow well when the oil is cold, often causing the bypass valve to open allowing unfiltered oil to enter your engine, uhg!

Unaffected by Water, Heat and Pressure:
This filter is capable of withstanding extremely high pressure and flow rates. It is also unaffected by Water, Heat and Pressure, unlike standard paper filter material which swells in the presence of water, closing off filter pores and reducing flow.

Early Detection:
By allowing you to inspect the debris that is in the filter you can monitor your engines condition, avoiding minor and or catastrophic failures.

What is a Micron?
A micron is one thousandth of a millimeter. That's about .00003937 inches. Fine sand can be as small as 62 microns thick. Our filter will not allow any particle over 35 microns to pass through this filter, that's some pretty small stuff that's being caught.

So who uses this type of filtration?
This high tech filter technology is widely used in all types of auto racing including NASCAR, Indy type cars, Formula 1 and in the Aerospace industry where filtration is of the utmost importance.

Things to think about:
Next time you are fanning your clutch think about all that tiny debris that is created from the clutch and gears meshing together, spinning around in your motor's vital parts. If you really care about the life of your motor and consider the cost of loss of time associated with a current day 4-stroke motor, then you need one of these filters. It's even transferrable in some cases to your next bike. I used the same filter in my last three bikes, and it's still like brand new, there's simply nothing to wear out.

Environmental benefits
In addition to all the other benefits, our filter helps keep the land fills free of old used filters.

This filter is proudly made in the USA.

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Harier - I'm curious to hear how the stainless steel filter works long term. So far I have always used standard oil filters as they filtered "better" than the steel mesh ones.
sorry, rb_duc. i had one on my '04 R1, but i sold the bike 6 months after throwing one on. but i'm gonna order one for my SF for sure.
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