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I read a lot of posts and this is what I gathered. I have a 06 sc 1000 which has the dry clutch

*engine oil*
Mobil 1 full synthetic 10w40. What I wondered is can I use the big jug at Walmart that is like $24 for 5qt? It says 'high mileage' motorcycle. The bike has a dry clutch so not sure why I would need to consider motorcycle oil which typically is for wet clutch apps.

ATE sl and super blue. Seems the blue is higher rated but I hear they are different colors so I can tell when I have fully flushed right? Other than that, I can't see reason in switching between types?

Not sure.

So I searched Cycle Gear, Escondido Cycle Center and North County Yamaha and none of them carry ATE fluid. They did have the RBF600. So if I gotta order online other than say motorcycle superstore and the like, any recommendations?


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Hmm, just opinion from me. I use 5.1 Motorex for my brake and clutch, though many people say any DOT 4 or 5.1 is sufficient. DO NOT use 5. I picked my Motorex up at the local BMW motorcycle dealer. http://www.motorex.com/index.cfm?oid=1147&lang=en
Motul 20/50 (it's red) for motor. The 15-50 works well too in temperate climates (summer in Northern Virginia gets hot). Clutch and brake fluid is the same, used for both systems.

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