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OMG!!!! What the hell did I do!!!

Sunday I went for a short ride with Whitelighting99 & was loving the ride to SP. We changed bikes & I really love the confort of lighting's bike. When we changed back he said it was a bit rough on the rear shock. He is right!!!

Today I called Kyle Racing to see what the rate the spring I had & he said it was the stiffest spring that is available. But, Dan also said it is the wrong rear shock for the bike. It is for a ST2 or ST4 not a ST3.
He has not give me an option but what I have is a Ohlins # DU7013 with 140NM
rate spring.
It appears that Dan will not be selling a replacement spring...
This is a new bike to me & I thohought people used the Ohlins adjustabkle shock on ST3's?
What am I to do?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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