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sorry to hear dude. at least you are alright! In general i do not use the rear break. Under hard braking the front of the bike is loaded and the rear gets light. I read in a code book that the rear has something like 10-15lbs of pressure from the wheel to the ground under braking - not enough for most of us to effectivly use for slowing down. The rear locking up is normal, all my bikes do that when I use the rear brake - solution - don't use the rear brake!

There are exception - on a gravel driveway or if you end up off-roading in the grass (oops) then you only want to use the rear!

Once the rear locks you will get squirly and could loose control :(

Before I got into track riding I used to use the rear all the time - hard habit to undo!

best luck getting her fixed up!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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