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Hey guys, Flight School is on the horizon and I need to get rid of my toys :( and the duc is the first to go. I'm letting you guys know first before I mess w/ the ebay/craigslist. I have the title in hand. Here's some info on it.

Asking $7,100. kbb.com is saying $7,305 (which is not including the 400$ clutch work that has just been put into it, $150 for new D.I.D X-ring chain, and along with the $800 exhaust)

2000 Ducati 748 BiPosto
-12,000 miles on it
-Brand new Barnett lighten clutch basket w/ steel inserts
-New clutch pack (Barnett)
-FBF Carbon Fiber Exhaust
-125 Miles on New D.I.D X-Ring Gold Chain.
-Tires have ~2500 miles on them, more info on them tonight.
-I'm alos tossing in a T-Rex Rear stand for free.

I'm the second owner; I got it off of eBay 2 years ago. During shipment the handlers apparently pushed it over inadvertently causing some minor blemishes on the plastic. They paid for the damage to be repaired but i used the money to just touch up the scratches my self and pocketed the rest :D , needless to say they are still somewhat visible. (I'll take pics of those tonight.) It’s never been dropped or on the track.

To contact me;
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: 719-231-7252
Work: 720-847-5671 (business hours)


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Say it ain't so! Not the Duc. :0( Anyways, Gallep it was nice riding with you last year. Enjoy Flight School.

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