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**Official First Service Thread** (Liquid Cooled)

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600 mile service question

before I get blasted by you guys, hear me out, I have owned over a dozen bikes in 20 yrs. kawi ,yama, honda, suzuki, always bought new. In all those years i have never paid for a 600mi service, ive always done my own maintnance. Dealer wants 300 to change oil and adjust chain . ecu should be up to date as i have only had bike less than a month. This is my first Duc, dealer gave me impression if i dont do svc, bike will self destruct. any thoughts, any 1 else not go to dealer for 600 mile rape?
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Sub $200

My 600 mile service was just done. They had some ECU updates, recalled parts and oil change to do (base ABS model). Bill is approx $188.
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