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**Official First Service Thread** (Liquid Cooled)

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600 mile service question

before I get blasted by you guys, hear me out, I have owned over a dozen bikes in 20 yrs. kawi ,yama, honda, suzuki, always bought new. In all those years i have never paid for a 600mi service, ive always done my own maintnance. Dealer wants 300 to change oil and adjust chain . ecu should be up to date as i have only had bike less than a month. This is my first Duc, dealer gave me impression if i dont do svc, bike will self destruct. any thoughts, any 1 else not go to dealer for 600 mile rape?
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I also negotiated the 600 mile service in the purchase, which seemed like a good deal. When I took the bike in, I asked the tech to look at a sticky throttle, and also a sizable gap between fairing panels in the upper bodywork. He pulled the bike back out front much sooner than I though he would. He did mount the front fender rear section which comes with the touring model, and reset the service icon. He said he couldn't do anything to correct the bodywork, and the throttle was "just the way it is, throttle by wire is like that". I also remember thinking how that new Shell oil sure looked dark in the sight glass.

When I got home I took apart and greased the throttle housing on the handlebar and sprayed a bit of lube on the cable cam on the throttle bodies, which made the throtte nice and smooth as it should be. I loosen and adjusted the body panels, which helped, but I have the gap back. I cleaned all the crappy factory lube off of the chain and relubed it, and in hindsight, I even question if the fellow changed the oil at all. Guess I got what I paid for with that first service...
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