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Off-road riding advice

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For all the fellow Multistrada riders here; any tips, discussion, ideas, suggestions on off-road riding? I feel I can push it to the (my) limit on pavement but realized I know nothing about enduro style riding. I have ridden the occasional smooth dirt or gravel road but met my match on some fluffy sand. Lucky it only cost me a broken mirror.

I'd like to get input from experienced off-roaders regarding techniques for getting our moneys worth out of enduro mode. What is the secret of doing this successfully?
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Yep to all above. There are inexpensive used dirt bikes out there for about what it will cost to replace the broken Italian plastic and other parts on your Multi as you experiment.
I know nothing about enduro style riding.
"Buy an inexpensive dirt bike" wasn't considered helpful advice if you are wanting to learn off road skills?
My 950 Adventure never fails to amaze me when the going gets tough. The weak link is always me, not the bike. :eek:

As the OP stated (remember him?), he has no skills off road, but the Ducati Marketing Machine claims it can do it all because they named a suspension setting "Enduro"...therefore it's a dirtbike.


The only thing that can be learned by an un-skilled rider offroad with this thing is how much Ducati plastic costs to replace, so don't do it.
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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