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Off-road riding advice

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For all the fellow Multistrada riders here; any tips, discussion, ideas, suggestions on off-road riding? I feel I can push it to the (my) limit on pavement but realized I know nothing about enduro style riding. I have ridden the occasional smooth dirt or gravel road but met my match on some fluffy sand. Lucky it only cost me a broken mirror.

I'd like to get input from experienced off-roaders regarding techniques for getting our moneys worth out of enduro mode. What is the secret of doing this successfully?
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Although certainly no expert I've attended the BMW Off Road Schools presented by RawHyde and have taken my R1200GS into remote locations. Both the bike and I have the scars to show for it.

Two things come to mind. Standing on the pegs gives you more stability and maneuverability than sitting. Practice it a lot at slow speeds. But most important is vision management. Use "spot light" vision to initially pick your line. Then switch to "flood light" vision, looking way forward at your destination not at your track. Looking at where your front wheel is going is a recipe for disaster.

I'll be taking my new Multi on gravel, dirt and forest park roads. But that is it. Anything more severe is reserved for my 250cc enduro bike.

Finally some advise and not just a "don't do it". I had thought that traction control was good off-road. I now know it is not and probably why I had trouble. Thanks for actually saying something useful.

This it Ain't!!!

Stay out of the sand YOU WILL get stuck, stay out of the slippery oozing snot like mud you will slide...
Gravel or logging roads will be just fine , some big pot holes are ok , mud puddles ok .
ruts ok

I tried a clay road after a rain , and turned around...
Have some friends with you and you will quickly find the limitations with the heavy NO TRACTION in sand or MUD..
There I said it.
Thanks, see my reply above, it applies here too. I learned my lesson on sand. I'm sure the traction control shut down the rear when the front got bogged down in the sand and over I went. Now I know better.
"Buy an inexpensive dirt bike" wasn't considered helpful advice if you are wanting to learn off road skills?
According to Ducati marketing I already own one, or at least something approaching one. A 150 lb., give or take, dirt bike would be a lot of fun but that experience doesn't really translate to taking a 500 lb. electronics laden MS off-road. If nothing else, just learning about the experiences of others and it's limitations is valuable. I won't try sand again as I learned the MS probably won't perform in anyones hands, not just mine. Also tuning off the DTC seemed counterintuitive but now makes sense. All this I got from the latter posters here. Googling "off-road riding" as some suggested showed me a lot of things I could do with a 250 but very little applicable to the MST.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I fully realize the MTS may only be capable of doing 25% of what a "real dirt bike" is capable of off-road. Just wanted to get some insights as to what was a reasonable expectation and how to get it.
Here is another-

As was mentioned, ABS, and traction control- off, you will stand much more, steer with the rear wheel more, tires will make a world of difference and armor bits- everyone goes down in the dirt. Have fun
This looks great too. I knew I could tease some real info out of this group! :)
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