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Off-road riding advice

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For all the fellow Multistrada riders here; any tips, discussion, ideas, suggestions on off-road riding? I feel I can push it to the (my) limit on pavement but realized I know nothing about enduro style riding. I have ridden the occasional smooth dirt or gravel road but met my match on some fluffy sand. Lucky it only cost me a broken mirror.

I'd like to get input from experienced off-roaders regarding techniques for getting our moneys worth out of enduro mode. What is the secret of doing this successfully?
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However, do make sure you DTS and ABS completely. You'll need to learn what the bike does without the electronic nannies. If you leave them on, you're asking for trouble.
Ha! I'm all set...
This is an informative post. I've done some light offroading on my mulit, off trail even through some dry woods and up some small hills. Fortunately haven't dropped it. Might be for another thread, but what would folks recommend as an inexpensive second bike for real dirt riding, preferably with a headlight so it can be ridden 50-ish highway miles to the dirt and be light enough to pick up 10 times in an afternoon. I had an XL600 thumper in college that was a lot of fun, kinda heavy I recall.
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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