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Off-road riding advice

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For all the fellow Multistrada riders here; any tips, discussion, ideas, suggestions on off-road riding? I feel I can push it to the (my) limit on pavement but realized I know nothing about enduro style riding. I have ridden the occasional smooth dirt or gravel road but met my match on some fluffy sand. Lucky it only cost me a broken mirror.

I'd like to get input from experienced off-roaders regarding techniques for getting our moneys worth out of enduro mode. What is the secret of doing this successfully?
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The only advice I can give you on riding the Multi offroad without a bunch of off road riding experience is....don't. Although I think the Multi is a capable offroad bike, it is way too expensive for me to fix. I just got my 2011 back from a 3 month hiatus because I crashed it in the rain. Nothing horrendous, but it did a tank slapper that threw me off and broke the fork stops on the frame. Final bill? $11,300.00 :eek: Thank goodness I had good insurance. Right now, I'm nervous about riding it over a dusty spot on the pavement.:D
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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