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Off-road riding advice

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For all the fellow Multistrada riders here; any tips, discussion, ideas, suggestions on off-road riding? I feel I can push it to the (my) limit on pavement but realized I know nothing about enduro style riding. I have ridden the occasional smooth dirt or gravel road but met my match on some fluffy sand. Lucky it only cost me a broken mirror.

I'd like to get input from experienced off-roaders regarding techniques for getting our moneys worth out of enduro mode. What is the secret of doing this successfully?
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This it Ain't!!!

Stay out of the sand YOU WILL get stuck, stay out of the slippery oozing snot like mud you will slide...
Gravel or logging roads will be just fine , some big pot holes are ok , mud puddles ok .
ruts ok

I tried a clay road after a rain , and turned around...
Have some friends with you and you will quickly find the limitations with the heavy NO TRACTION in sand or MUD..
There I said it.
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1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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