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Posting this just as an FYI so taht you do not work extra hard on your install.

I bought a set of OEM panniers fro my 2016 PP because I could not install my SW Motech panniers with the Full Termi.

OEM will fit just fine with the termi. However, since I did not have the cylinder locks which supposedly are shipped with the bike new, I also had to order a new set. Long story short, make sure you order the part number pictured. I was originally quoted over $300, but realized that also included the key fob.

Just the set of 3 cylinder locks (2 for panniers and one for top case) with 2 keys, will cost you ~$60.

As far as install, I started with my left bag and replaced the top panel where the lock sits, removed all the components and fitted the lock (after watching the video I researched on this forum). I then realized I DID NOT needed to do any of that. Just insert the key into the cylinder, depress the first tab that still sticks out with key in it as you insert in the cylinder sleeve (can only mount one direction), and you are done. Left pannier tookme 20 min. Right pannier 20 seconds. Lesson learned.


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