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Odd Fuel Pump Noise

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I have noticed lately that when I let my bike sit for more than two weeks the Fuel Pump gives off a high pitched squeal for about two seconds when I turn the key on. After that everything is normal until it sits for two weeks again. I think my Fuel Pump is giving me a warning? Anyone else ever experience this. The bike is a 2006 ST3 with 31K mile on it and runs great. I have owned it since new and have never heard this before.
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Air? I recently heard it on my bike, but I also just put it back together after replacing the in tank lines and filter and it was when I first turned the key on after filling the tank from bone dry. Had to cycle the key on and off a few times to get the fuel lines purged and make the thing sound normal. Are you storing it with a full tank? Don’t know that I'd worry about it just yet.
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