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O2 sensor

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My check engine light comes on every once in awhile for some reason? I have slip ons on it and had to remove the butterfly valve....no real time it happens, just comes on when it feels like it! I'll unplug the o2 sensor then plug it back in and the light stays off for a while? Anyone have this type of issue?
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The only way to know for sure what the cause is is to hook it up to a PC with VDST or take it in to the dealer and read the code(s) that were thrown. If you have the stock ECU, I'd guess its an exhaust valve code.
hey viper. i've had some similar experiences with the butterfly valve and the o2 sensor triping the check engine light. i'm running the remus full system with the fatduc o2 manipulator and pc3. the remus system came with a bracket used to attatch the butterfly valve motor after the cables have been removed so the computer believes it's still functioning. when i had the valve motor unpluged i got an EXVL 23.1, 23.2,23.3 (the error messages for exvl range from 23.1 through 23.5) the error code i got from the o2 sensor was a lamb 6.1. the engine light goes right off after i pass 5000 rpm when its the lamb code and stays on for about a minute if i stay under about 5000( i believe due to the open loop fuel injection of the pc3). next time the light comes on pull over and push up on the button that controls your displays on the lcd and instead of a digital readout of your rpms it will display the error code. your wheel can not be moving, you have to be stationary to access this function. exvl 23.1-23.5 is an exhaust valve motor error and lamb 6.1 is a lambda sensor error (o2 sensor) these are the only ones i've seen. hope this helps
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