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Number plate scheme variations

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My bike fell over and sustained some plastic damage so I decided to depart from the basic red and have the tail painted in the number plate scheme. Further, I picked up a set of nostalgic decals from Pro Italia, I was looking for the logo with the words "moto mechanica" on it. Actually, there is a member here with the logo as his avatar, that gave me the idea to place that decal under the clearcoat on the tail, just above the tail lights. I like that nostalgic stuff and Pro Italia sells a strip of them reasonable.

What I found out was the fact there are many subtle variations of the number plate scheme. My painter sent me a picture of one and at first I liked it, but I soon found one that I liked better off an ad for a 998 for sale on Craigslist. I emailed him the picture. The white lines near the tail lights were different and the one I liked had more separation between the white paint. This will allow more room to place the nostalgic decal.

Yesterday he brought over the tail for inspection, he shot the white base coat and wanted me to confirm the design and color of the gold pinstriping (to outline the white paint). He will be using tape pinstriping instead of free handing the pinstriping, I don't have a problem with that, clearcoating will fix it. Further, he wanted me to place the above decal in the exact location where he will place and clear it too. The other decals: "Del mondo, etc superbike", those small stock decals go on either side of the tail, I picked them up from Munroe Motors, they will also go on prior to the clearcoating.

At first it sounded like a fairly simple and straight away project, it still basically is. Just take it one step at a time and make sure the paint patterns are correct, especially if you want to do any add ons. I wanted to point out that for some reason some number plate schemes don't look as good as others. White is white, right? I think it has to do with too much white paint on the tail, just enough with the right paint angles is the key. If you look at a bunch of them then you start seeing these things. I finally realized that was why I liked it one day and not the next! This very thing is why I'm not going forward with the nose number plate just yet, I don't want to overdo it. I have to find the right pattern first.

My damn digital camera or Easy Share dock took a crap, otherwise I would have documented the progress of the tail. I'll take some pictures of the finished tail with my 35mm and post a couple of them. I'm using a painter who is very attentive and comes highly recommended. He has done a lot of work in the racing scene and also owns a DUC.
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No problem.

Call Robert Williams 916 300 9754. Tell him John with the 916 white tail sent you.

email at :[email protected]

Pricing was very fair.
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