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Hello All

When I got my PS I noticed that the OEM Number Plate Holder was bigger than the dimensions of the number plates where I live.

OK, I could have cut the Number Plate Holder to fit the Number Plate but I knew I would not like the result. It would be visible that the Holder was cut AND I would have to mount the Number Plate with screws.

Hmmmmm...... no go for me

So I bought a OEM Number Plate Holder for the US market (56110241A).

All I had to do then was to cut the reflectors and make a bracket for the Number Plate so the Number Plate could be mounted to the OEM US Holder.

So I designed a bracket that can be glued to the Number Plate including one reflector.

By the help of SolidWorks and a laser cutter the bracket was made.

The bracket was then bend so the reflector will have the right angle and I did tig weld bolts to the bracket. Then it was ready for powder coating.

The final result before gluing.

All the best



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