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Here is my 2021 Streetfighter V4s Dark Stealth Build! Long story short I had a 2020 Streetfightfighter V4 standard and I had a ton of parts on back order that took over a year to arrive. I was eating dinner at a restaurant downtown waiting on a bike night…. Well a lady straight up ran over it. Luckily she came in to say something! The bike was totaled and thank goodness 90% of the accessories I was waiting on. Let’s move forward to this bike… After my first V4 SF was totaled my dealer only had a Dark Stealth in stock, well I bit the bullet and went Dark Stealth! I do not regret this decision at all. My Marchisinis arrived a week after my first SF was run over. After a week and paperwork for the new bike everything was sitting at Ducati ready for install after over a year of research sourcing parts etc. I had Ducati swap the parts that were not damaged from the old bike to the new! The thing I love most about the dark is it looks way better than I anticipated in black! I ride this thing waaaayyyy too much so I don’t have many great photos.

Ducati Performance Full Akra System
Ducati Performance air filter
Ducati Performance up-map
Rizoma reservoirs with clear tubing routed to mirror each other… both size small
Ducati Performance Dry Clutch
Ducati Performance lowered seat
Ducati OEM rear seat cowl “Dark”
Passenger rear pegs deleted
Marchesini Forged Gold Wheels
Brembo brake and clutch master RCSs and levers
Ducati Performance carbon battery cover
TWM Quick Release carbon gas cap
Ducabike front and rear black “wheel nuts”
Ducati Performance carbon heel guards
Ducati Performance tank grips
Tail Tidy, and flush mount turns by NRC.
Ducati Performance tank protector non-carbon “V4”
Fully ceramic coated

Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Fuel tank

Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Tire Wheel Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
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