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Just wanted to quickly say, "THIS IS A GREAT FORUM".

It's a terrific mix of riders, gear heads, tech heads, track pros, amazing fanatics and just plain enthusiasts. Why it took me so long to find it is an interesting question.

Anyway, just a quick thanks for a wonderful forum, you guys and gals ROCK!

Take care and enjoy the ride,

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Yea its got an amazing group of people here , To me it is a huge part of the Ducati experience ,saved myself a lot of $$$ buy just reading and getting the shit from shinolla sorted out, not to mention the time saved ,well not saved but spent better , researching and not messing things up,

It`s great that people put their negative experiences on a Billboard so others will not fall into the same trap,

My hats off to all the fallen and downed (temporarilly) riders ,who we all learn from their misfortunes .

Love the healthy controversy , different views , and learning about people and how they live in different areas ....
Where else can you get this kind of Education...
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