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Back again, I was on the forum when I had a Sport Classic, then again with the S4R then, then I went away for a while when I bought a BMW K1300r. I have just purchased my dream bike, the bike that I first fell in love with and the reason I got a bike license 23 years ago - the 900ss.

Changing from the BMW means I’ve lost about 100HP, electronic suspension adjustment, quick shift, ABS, a fucking fuel gauge and everything else you can think of but I love the SS so much. There’s something primal about the 2 valve motor that just gets me.

I swapped my SC for the S4R when I started riding with a group who went on long and very quick rides, the non-adjustable suspension on the SC couldn’t cut it and the dealer offer to swap me, same year (08) same k’s. The S4R took me far and wide and while not as pretty as the SC, what a bike! A few year later I made a made the decision to “upgrade” to a K1300R. On paper it looked perfect and for a while it was but over time I rode it less and less. Eventually it just sat in the garage apart from 2 or 3 rides a year, it meant nothing to me.

The opportunity to pick up a good 900SS came along and I couldn’t say no. It was the best decision I have ever made. I’m into it again! I walk through the garage, it looks at me, I look at it, I know what it’s thinking. I’ve been on it every day for 3 weeks. Can’t get the smile off my face.

Happy to be back with Ducati’s where I belong.


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Hi and welcome to Ducati.ms. We are super happy to have you here. :)
Congratulations on the new to you SS.

Please fill in your location information in the UserCP Edit Your Details section, that can help if there might be someone local to you give a hand or find new friends to take a ride.
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