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I really liked the stylng of the bike, it had a great retro feel. That said, I think Norton made the same mistake that Indian made; they came into a very competetive market with a very high priced machine. Indian tried to compete head to head with Harley with what essentially is a dressed up Harley clone and then tried to offer the bikes at higher prices. Norton built a copy of an old Norton, dressed up with some nice bits and then tried to sell them at $20K a pop. I don't think that many people will spend a bunch of cash for something a competitor sells cheaper, and is reliable. With no dealer infrastructure and local support, it is difficult for a company to compete head to head with an established player. I think anyone who wants to start up a motor company needs to offer either something very different and exotic, or they need to offer up a similar product at a bargain price (which is difficult to do). Either way though, I am not a huge fan of resurecting a dead motor company in hopes the name will carry it. I would much rather they start from scratch with a new name and develop an identity.
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