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Getting the bike ready for our annual trip from North Queensland to Victoria & back again, leaving here on the 3rd of november , if anyone is interested in tagging along for part of the trip sing out.
This year i'll be on the hyper (last year was on an MV Agusta 6500k in 10 days!), there will be a couple of trumpy street triples joining in at sydney & a mate on a Blackbird from mackay doing the whole trip with me.
will be going through sydney on about the 5/6 heading for the snowy mountains & then south hoping to get the bonang road in this year!!. anyone interested must be an experianced rider & have no trouble covering up to 700k in a day if needed (average day is more like 500k in the twistie sections).
It's a great trip chasing secondary roads & twisties through the mountains.
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