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NorCal golfers?

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Years ago I used to love golf. I played all the time. I'd leave work early just to get in 18 before sunset. I even ran a small league of sorts. That was about 11 or 12 years ago. Last Saturday, my son had some money burning a hole in his pocket, so he went out and bought Tiger Woods Something-or-other for X-Box. I haven't stopped playing it since.

I got to thinking...when was the last time I played golf? I've been to the driving range a couple of times, but I think the last actual round of golf I played was back in 1996. Ten years.

I was never very good -- far from it, in fact. Going back to the game will most likely be like starting over from scratch. But since money is so tight for me this year and I can't really afford track days at $200 a pop, I think maybe I'll pick up golf again. I can get around 18 at a couple of courses here locally for about $20 or so if I walk instead of renting a cart.
Anyone want to go sometime? You'd have to be willing to play with a rusty old fart who will probably average like 120 on 18 for the first few times out. I think I'll probably be bringing my 14 year old along, too, so he'll likely be as newb as I will. It'd be fun to have a couple more to make a regular foursome, though.
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Zooom .. public courses on the right side suck compared to this coast. I moved here from B-more and never looked back. Actaully, come to think of it, I really hated Baltimore. Still know bunch of people over there and my old roomie has a 748 and another friend 748s.

If you ever go riding you should look up my ol' roommate, he's always looking for people to ride with and never can find anyone. Maybe it's beacause most of the year it's too hot and humid or too cold to ride. That other 748s sits in a garge all the time. I don't think it was started in a year, shit I don't think it has 3,000 miles on it. My friend bought it just to say he's got a Duc ..
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