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Noobie with a 748

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Hey guys,

What temp should my bike be running around town? When should the fan come on?

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Thanks Brian,

Is that the temp I should be running around town or is that the temp when the fan should come on?

iirc, the fan comes on around 205*. i see temps ranging from 180* while moving in cooler weather to around 220+* if stuck in traffic in warm weather.
Mine runs +200F in slow traffic.

The OEM switch that I swapped out of the 748 was marked 87/92C (=189/198F). I'm assuming that this is the off/on temps that the fan should come on.

I swapped the OEM switch with a low temp switch sold by Evoluzione (Motowheels sells the same switch) that's marked 79/88C (=174/190F).

I haven't yet been in slow traffic to gauge the difference, but just sitting in the garage, the engine doesn't get much over 200F before the fan turns on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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