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Non Skyhook suspension on a 2013/2014 Skyhook MTS

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If I have a 2014 Skyhook-equipped MTS and want to ditch the Skyhook for normal suspension, can the Skyhook be removed from the ECU by reflashing? This is for a project bike (superbike based) for which engine and electronics from a skyhook 2014 MTS but the forks will be too long....

One option I may have is to use an earlier non-skyhook loom but I would have to make the single coil-on-cap ignition work with the twin plug on the 2014 engine. Are the ignition methods between single and twin plug engines the same? In that I could drive the twin spark coils off the single coil input??
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Was there a base model in those years without skyhook? Maybe grab the ohlins parts from a 2012.
Was there a base model in those years without skyhook? Maybe grab the ohlins parts from a 2012.
There was a model called the 1200 ABS in 2013 and 2014, I have found. It has ABS and no skyhook. The part numbers for the looms are:

2014 1200 - 51078671B
2014 1200S - 51018681B

I wasn't up to speed on the model naming - the 1200 was available with ABS then at some point in time (2013?) the ABS became standard. The S has the electronic suspension (and ABS), Ohlins to 2012(?) and Sachs later on. So finding that 2013-2014 1200 ABS model loom is an option for me.
this idea has crossed my mind a few times but wouldn’t you then also need to somehow pair the loom with your exiting keys?
Yes, there would be the security to go along with it. I don't know yet what components hold the pieces of the security puzzle for the HF (Hands Free) system on the Multi. The high frequency fob talks to the Hands Free control unit which is part of the ignition key assembly. The low frequency fob in the red key has an antenna behind the instruments somewhere, which plugs into the Hands Free control unit. I presume the ECU plays a part in it too.

Here's an interesting, if high level, document about ducati security: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10140276-9999.pdf
Something I've found is that the BMW S1000R (or was it the RR?) has the Sachs electronic suspension (called DDC) and someone has come up with a replacement board so you can change the Sachs DDC over to non-electronic suspension and not get error codes.
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