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I have a 2011 Monster 696, the bike will not crank, I've charged and had the battery tested its ok, I've tried 2 other batteries and still no crank, it's not the battery. I wasn't getting an output signal to the starter. I can jump the starter and it cranks and runs fine. The starter solenoid seams to be clicking but still no out put signal. I replaced the starter solenoid thinking that was the cause, but still no change. Battery voltage shows 12.6 volts. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Are you sure the start solenoid is getting the signal.

Unsophisticated test - put your finger on it and see if you feel it click.

"Sophisticated" test - connect a multimeter on the 20 Volts DC scale to the two pin connector to the solenoid coil.
Press the start button and it should jump from zero to battery voltage.

If there is no voltage on attempt to crank, then you need to look at the things that can affect cranking.

Not absolutely sure for your model, but these are typical conditions to crank.

Bike in neutral or in gear clutch pulled. Either of these not met, then the bike won't crank for safety reasons. AKA it might lurch forwards.

Side/kick stand down - maybe not the case with later models, but will certainly cut out (if running) if you put it in gear.

SO - safety interlocks (bad connections, switches for clutch or neutral) may be preventing cranking "normally"

I doubt it is the side/kick stand switch as the fail safe is to cut off the engine when placed in gear, as in stand down and not in neutral.

One final thing, well at least on my 2001 900SSie, the push on connector to the start solenoid can work loose and not make contact correctly to the start solenoid coil. This caught me out once until a mech friend told me it was not uncommon.
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