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Dear All,

Last Christmas decided to buy a Ducati. The idea is to ride the circuit of Assen a few times a year, as I do live in Groningen which is nearby. I think I wanted this for a long time, but it did not happen. Now it is! It is a gray 748s from 2002 with 35000 km. It is beautiful what looks so nice, both technically and for its looks. Super!

*Together with the seller, replaced belts, checking / adjusting valves, replacing liquids, air filters. Suspension / damping set to initial values ​​and 9 April on Assen circuit driving. What a super joy riding this bike! FUN! In the first three sessions my lap times went down, I was quite satisfied as . There is a lot to learn and improve! (2:27 is of course not really fast yet)

At the end of the third session something went wrong: the bike did not want to speed up properly, until 7000rpm he pulled well but then the power dropped ...

Shit! This was not nice, the fourth session I stopped after a round, did not sound good (messy turning) no power and no revs. Terribly dissapointed!.

*All electrical connections were loose and checked for corrosion, treated with contact spay. Another ECU in it, another timing sensor, ignition coils of another bike tried.

So far we have already looked into the tank (but do not replace a petrol filter, we do this week) nothing special to see.

TPS not yet checked, that also has to be done.

If anyone had similar problems, I would like to hear what your solutions were, if I find solutions myself I will post them.
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