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My name is Ted. Current Garage has spilled into the basement and I am really here to help me with weirdo restoration parts for my 998.

I have learned that this community is a vast resource of knowledge around all things Ducati. I hope to add some color on topics I am intimately familiar with including:

How to NOT install spacers on 2 valve axles
How to NOT install S-Cams in Stretta Heads
How to NOT buy Ducati's right and enjoy them

How to fight forged wheels on classic SBK's
How to convince your partner that there is a light at the end of the restoration tunnel
How to fix a Multistrada on the side of a gravel road in Canada when all the bolts vibrate out of the crankcase
How to create Frankenmonsters that are lifted with ST Parts
How to Buy Ducati's right and enjoy them

Located outside of Chicago and I have an "Open Garage" Policy. I would be happy to meet with anyone and collaborate!

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