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NK Components Quick Disconnect Brake Lines


With high speed and high performance brake pads comes endless pad changes. Every time pads are changed calipers should be cleaned to remove brake dust material as it creates drag, resistance, and ultimately caliper failure.

NK Components spent one season twisting lines attempting to clean calipers in between races in the paddock and said, "NO MORE." NK Components designed a quick disconnect line that isn't $1500.00 like the MotoGP lines. This incorporates a dry break quick disconnect that allows removal of the calipers from the bike without pulling off the mastercylinder. Once reconnected there is no need to rebleed as no air is introduced into the brake system. NK Components has brought MotoGP technology to a track near you at a fraction of the cost.

All lines are custom made depending on: bike, master cylinder, and calipers. If you are using OEM components write OEM in the text box.

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