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Dear Ducati.ms Ducatisti,

As requested by the forum rules, and by pure elementary courtesy, here are a few words to introduce myself (hope it's the right place).
My first name is Stephane, I’m a 49 years old French Ducati enthousiast and I just joined the forum today. I work in reliability engineering for a big electrical equipment company, and I live in Grenoble in the french Alps.
I’ve been riding bikes for 30 years now, and I fell in love with Italian ones in 1984 ; I was attending the Bol d’Or endurance race, and was really impressed at seeing Pantah enthousiats running on the track for the French Ducati Cup. I loved the bikes, I loved the big sound, I also loved the atmosphere in the paddock, with these amateurs helping one another to maintain and improve their bikes… and, last not least, not forgetting to share a beer and and pasta plate with big smiles.
Once at home, I looked for an italian bike and ended by buying a… Guzzi, just near my flat ! It was a beautifull 650 Lario, introducing the Le Mans 4 style I liked so much. I rode milles and milles with this machine, during years, and attended the ’91 Manx TT with it. Despite its limited power, controversed 16’’ wheels and famously poor reliability, it gave me great joy. But I still had an eye on Ducati, which were doing great in Superbike formula with Raymond Roche. I promised myself I’d own the same 851 as him one day, which occurred a few years later when I found a used one for a really cheap price. It really changed my world, and I discovered incredible capacities riding this great bike - that I still own today – in the mountains nearby. I went to the '97 TT with it. When I met my wife a few years later, I let her discover motorcycling on the 851, and was lucky enough because she enjoyed long riding on this Superbike. But I began to seek for a tourer that would enable us to make long rides for holidays, with the tent and all the stuff. As I did not want to get rid of these fascinating Ducati bikes, my choice was rather limited at this time : Cagiva Elefant ? Paso ? ST2 ? I happened to find a ‘97 ST2, that I brought back from Paris in february 2003… a long ride, with -10°C temperatures in the night. It was not my most pleasant ride, but maybe one of my last eccentricity, and I still have great souvenirs from this ride. I’ve been riding this bike for almost 10 years now, and I take part in the french mailing list dedicated to it. This list is really a treasure, not only because members help each other and share a lot of tricks, but also because we organize ST week ends twice a year to meet each other and enjoy beautifull rides in different regions. Many of the guys have really become friends.
I decided to join your forum because I found interesting information on it, and the atmosphere seems very kindly too. I don’t spend so much time on my computer when I come back home, so I will probably not be a great contributer… but you I’ll share what information I have, likely to help one of you. For instance, one of the most tricky situation I met with my ST2, leading to sudden and random engine stopping was simply caused by water lying inside the fuel tank. This silly failure gave me nightmares, till I understood I should not incriminate fuel injection electronics nor electrical failures, but simply purge my tank. Of course, I encountered other failures with my ST2, which has more than 72000 milles now. The last one is a stator failure, that I’m trying to fix now. It seems that some of you are aware of the detailed modifications that were carried out by the factory to improve alternator cooling on these early versions (I saw a post by Mike Shannon, an Irishman on this topic). I did not manage to find the description of these mods, and would like to make sure they were correctly implemented on my bike. So, any information on the topic are welcome. I plan also to change my shunt regulator with a series Mosfet regulator (used on Yamaha R1) to improve the charging system.

Thanks for your welcome, I hope I’ve not been too long, and excuse me for my perfectible English

Forza everybody

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