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Newbie with servicing question

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Little history about me.
Been riding for a little over 3yrs, I mainly have been riding track and some street, I've done most if not all of the maintained myself on my jap bike.
I have always wanted a Ducati and am currently looking at a 2000 748s, it has a little over 7k miles, full Termi exhaust, chipped and a few other upgrades. The current owner said he bought the bike at 4k miles from a owner of a ducati dealership and has some but not all of the paperwork, I asked him about the 6k miles service and he said that he said it should be complete. What I want to know is what are the usual service interval? I read about the crappie rocker arm and rectifier, is there anything else? Also I rate myself 7-8 or of 10 for mechanical work, so I can do allot but don’t trust myself to much when tearing down the engine.
Any info and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


P.S. attached is a picture of my current bike, it doubles as my track bike and i built it myself, its putting 112RWHP.


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you're aces on the maintainance of a Ducati, you, and i think most any human, can do the dreaded (or not so dreaded) valve job.

a 2000 doesn't have the common rectifier problem that the pre-1999 do. (could be wrong here)

i only had car skills and found nothing other than specs and over cautious questions to be a problem on the bike, its all fairly simple.

service intervals are every 6,000 miles. i run the bike near red line often now so i check various things (belt tention, valve gaps, and a couple bolts i hate) every now and then on the weekends when i have a sixer.

rocker arms are demons, there's no two ways about it you're going to replace them sooner more than later, that is if you run the bike hard. either way they're going to.

make dam sure the owner is clear about the service at 6000 miles, call the dealer if you must. they bike may be fine, like if you bought mine, or it might be trashed like by the guy i bought mine from.

how much does the guy want for the bike?

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The guy wants 7500, it has a full carbon body work, on top of all that stuff. what is the usual cost for the rockers? dealer cost?

Also what are the cost for the parts to replace the belts and other things hat needs changing every 6k?
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