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Newbie... sorta

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I say that because it's not my Ducati but my brother's.
He recently picked up a sweet yellow '04 999. And he/we have a few questions...
Will an '05 upper fairing fit on the '04? And are the colors the same between the years?
And what are the recommended "upgrades"? Pipe, PCIII, filters, etc.?

We've already bumped up the rear sprocket two teeth.
Neither of us are new to sportbikes, we've both been riding for two decades, just new to Duc's. And I have to say that the Ducati is like nothing I've ever ridden before.
Here's a pic of the 999 (with my 'Busa in the background)...

Thanks in advance for any and all help:)
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First off...WELCOME! My superbike is 9 years old, so I can't help you with your question, but I wanted to welcome you to the forum. And when you gonna swap that 'Busa for a real bike? :D :D
Hi, Nice pair of bikes. To answer you're question. No the 05 upper will not fit. The fairings and the mounts are different. Instead, add a double bubble windscreen for alittle more coverage. A free flowing pipe and a PCIII will open up the bike nicely and smooth out the power band. Twins are affected a lot more by a piping change than an I-4 so you'll notice a difference. The next thing you can do is you've already gone up 2 in the back now if you want even more pick up, drop one in the front. Set the suspension for his weight and riding style and have a ball.
Nice machines and welcome to the forum. You're in the right place...

Have Fun!
Welcome. That's an awesome photograph. Where was it taken?

Welcome -- that's a nice pic, of two great bikes!! I had the opportunity to ride a Hayabusa once .... it's an absolutely awesome machine.

As for modding the 999 ... what's your brother's budget? :D ... I find that the best mod for the Ducati superbikes is a nice, sweet, tasty, ground shaking Termignoni Exhaust .... but that's just me :)
Rob, Don't be hatin' :D I still have to aquire a taste for Frappachino's before I can buy a Duc :p

He just picked up a Termingnoni kit off Ebay (slip-on, PC, and filters), should be here by the weekend. The few local Ducatista said the same as y'all... "Get it breathing, you'll love the results"
The 999 is such a blast to ride, the torque is incredible. I thought my 'busa would power wheelie with ease :eek:
Thanks for the compliments on the bikes and the pic. That pic was taken at the Lakefront in New Orleans. What's left of it that is :( (if you look in the background you can see the base of a sheared off lightpole)
Here's a few more from the same series...

And this one was just too damn funny...
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That 999 would look nice with a white number plate on the tail section ... especially after the Termi is installed.
migz123 said:
That 999 would look nice with a white number plate on the tail section ... especially after the Termi is installed.
What, are you tapping my phone?! :eek: :D
Actually that's been discussed. Ebay has them for around $70. Anybody got them cheaper?
No hatin' going on here, bro. Just some good ole-fashioned fun-pokin'.

Ditto on the "nice pics" comments...but keep in mind that a Duc makes a perfect complement to the GSX-1300R. The 1300R for going REALLY fast in a straight line -- like at Bonneville or something -- and the Duc for corner carving.

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