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newbie soon to get 749

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just joined im upgradeing to a 749 in summer but will keep this little toy lol

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I actually like the side pipe. I can visualize a CF Termi there. Doing away with the undertail pipes makes the rearend thinner, less bulky. Besides you won't have undertail heat in the summer. Thats another thing I liked about my Supersport, no hot ass!

That bike is sweet. I would like to hear about it as a trackbike. but honestly I think the 250 Aprilia is more ideal for that. How much does it weigh?

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there a brill bike but got treat them right lol! i love it! the rs 250 would be a better track bike due to being faster but these are brill bike i have humbled many a 400 owner lol

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Aaaaahh yes The Cagive Mito 125.. Very lovely bike. They still sell them new you know..

I´ve seen one that had a 250cc 2-strokeengine transplanted into one. That was a sweet bike! You get 7 gears to play with and the 125 in de-restricted mode will give you about 25-26 hp and 13-14 ft-lbs.

It´s remarkably like a 748 in the power (only less everywhere)
Starts giving you something at 4000RPM, there is a dip at 5000RPM, at about 7000rpm it starts to pull and finishes of at about 10.000-10.500 rpm..

Here is restricted (green) and De-restricted (red)

Torque (that´s funny.. it´s a 2-stroke!)
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