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Hi everyone

I am a new Ducati owner and new to the forum, i therefore apologise if i do anything wrong.

My questions:
Hi all

I have just purchased a set of 50mm second hand termi rear cans and link pipe off ebay.

Just tried to fit the link pipe to my 748 e (2002), old link pipe (45mm) came off quite easy. The new one however looks to be virtually identical size as the existing remaining exhaust section.

The old link pipe (standard) seems to be like a female to male set up, meaning it has a slightly cup like connection aiding in slotting over the exhisting pipe. The new one looks like theres no way it will go over.

It came off a 748 sp, are there any differences that may effect fitment or are these just a pig to fit. If that is the case are there are tricks to geting it on.

At present the only way i can see this fitting is to take it to a fabrication shop and get them to weld the old connection onto the new pipe. Obviously do not want to go down this line unless i reall have to.

Any advise GREATLY appreciated.

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I went throught the same aggrivation a while ago:


I ended up replacing the '2002' specific exhaust pipes with those from an earlier (pre-2001) bike.
Now I could install any aftermarket half system without modification.

Hope that helps!
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