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newbie,need help on general 999 questions..

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hey guys. nice to find the site. first off, i did about an hour of searching. :) (i frequent many bike/gun forums and know how that racket goes)lol.used to be into jap bikes. but no longer want what everybody else rides. and dont need the fastest bike on the block.

anyway.im thinking about a duc. 999 (possibly a used 998 now that i found the site)
is their anyway a reg. 999 can be set up as a solo seat? (easily)

how crazy is the maintanence schedule on these bikes? i do 99% of work myself. but would be worried about the warranty if i had to go into the motor....

what kind of hp #'s are these bikes putting on the dyno?

whats the best price going on a new one? im in south east michigan . the only dealer around here is selling it for $18,000.00.

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Most of your answers are on this site or Ducati's website. Keep searching!
1.I believe the 05 999 can be purchased in biposto or monoposto.
2.Regular maintenance is scheduled to be done at 600 6000 and 12000.
3.My dyno numbers are on a post but it was 120 sae
4.I am in CT and I have seen lots of good deals on the 05 999

Hopefully I can answer a few questions for you here.

First off, the cost. I recently just bought a 2005 999 "S", but I was also considering a brand new 2005 base model 999 because the dealers are blowing these out below MSRP. These are virtually identical to the 2006's. I would recommend going the route of a 2005 because the dealers seem to be wanting to blow these out the door. The cost of these sem to be around $16,500. The deal I was looking at was $19,000 for a 2005 999 with a full termi pipe, a PCIII, new rear sprocket, and dyno tuning. I opted for the used "S" (with 1,500 miles) and that came with a pipe and sprocket, and I couldn't be happier with the bike. As far as power numbers, I'm not sure, but the thing screams...esp. more than the 2004 749 that I came from.

Now a days, I am not sure about what models come as a biposto or monoposto, but I have seen on ebay a lot of subframes to change a bip to a monoposto. Those have run from around $150-$400. Allt he parts and plastics, used, will run about $400- $600 total. If you have any general mechanical experience, you should be able to complete the swap fairly easy.

As far as the costs of maintenance, I know you said you do 99% of the work yourself, but what you would be looking at for service from the dealer is as follows

600 mile - Approx $300
3500 mile Oil Change - $65.00
6000 mile Service - Approx $750- $800
9500 mile oil change - $60.00
12,000 mile service - $1,100 - $1,200

Also, you might want to factor in about $300 - $350 for new tires (including installation) every 3,000 - 4,000 miles, depending on how hard you ride and how soft of tires you use.

I hope this answers the majority of your questions. Best of luck.
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great thanks for the reply
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