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Newbie intro

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FNG here in Forestville, Sonoma County, sayin' hello.

Brought home a 1999 996s monoposto a couple weeks ago and have been totally immersed in Ducati this and Ducati that since then. A Ducati intensive. Spent hours on this web site already, but no doubt I will ask some question that has been covered ad naseum. Have mercy and humor me if I do.

I rode the bike home for a ridiculously inexpensive price, and am discovering why. It's absolutely gorgeous and sounds awesome, but the poor thing sat for a long time on a cold concrete floor. On front and rear stands and out of the rain, but in a moist environment. Lot of corrosion. Everywhere. When I pulled the tank I found a nest twice the size of my hand, complete with nut shells, in the left air duct. I was nervously expecting an angry rodent to burst out of the air duct scolding me for wrecking the party house. The air filter (looked like a Pipercross) was chewed to bits. Fortunately none of the pieces got sucked down the stacks. It was originally an east coast Ducati so luckily there are no smog bits. I know, not very pro environment of me. Oh well.

I could go on, but basically the bike has suffered from neglect for a couple years, so will be a months long project while I clean it up, replace and upgrade parts as I can afford. Got a parts list as long as my arm already. Parts are almost as expensive as parts for my K75! It did run, and seemed to run well and pull strong on my 10 mile ride home, so I'm really looking forward to riding it again. I'll post a link to some photos as soon as I get 'em up on flickr.

That's it. Let the fun begin! Hope I can contribute something, some day.
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