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Hello Newbie here. Having been reading this forum for many years now.

I joined because i am finally in a position to really go to town on an amazing project bike and wanted to get as much expert input as possible and share the journey with my fellow 749R lovers. So please bear with the long post.

I currently own a Ducati 2004 749R track bike with the DP engine kit (Cams, Heads, full Ti Termi and ECU) with less than 1,000 KM (purchased from an chap with big collection of Ducatis in Italy) I also have all road parts including carbon fairings in storage.

I also own an Aprilia RRV 450 Race bike (IN Competition Machine). Awesome 62hp, 120kg 450cc V Twin race bike..

Both bikes are in the UK and being fully refreshed

So onto the PROJECT - i want to build the lightest most up to date 749R track bike - I am calling it my "749R MOTO2 PROJECT " spec and weight - I have a very good budget to do it. I know it will cost a small fortune but you only live once and I love this bike and engine more than any other on the planet, including all the wizz bang new stuff (some of which i will also buy but more on that later).

My 749R already has some nice parts and weighs in at 180Kg with half a tank of fuel. I want to get that down to to 150Kg mark, WET!!!. Now i know some people will say that is impossible - the WSS spec bikes came in at 165KG wet. So if i can get to full WSS spec plus parts that were not allowed due to regs, it MIGHT be possible....The bike will not be built in my shed but by a professional Ducati Race team.

So I mean,

WSS Spec plus the following mods:
Custom NCR or Strada FAB Ti frame
Full Ti Hardware, and additional engine lightening
Carbon tank, Carbon Wheels, Carbon Fairings
Full Moto 2 or FGR 300 Ohlins setup,
Full Brembo GP4 system

I don't really care about trying to create a 749RS replica - I know there was no such thing (i have read JerryWorld full blog maybe 100 times) - I just want best modern day money no object 749R track bike.

So I am LOOKING for DP parts (I know thay are "unobtanium") or i will be happy to buy a full 749RS race bike and build from there - I can put the existing one back to road and keep parts as spares.....

So if you have parts or a RS bike you would like to sell then please PM me....

and of course any suggestions - if you could build you dream spec would be most appreciated.

Any suggestion on paint will also be much appreciated - do not want an old race livery with lots of logos - I love the Pramac bike below, so maybe something like that wihhout the branding

I will keep you all updated on the build...Its gonna be SPECIAL....


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This is too good to let languish down here in the Intro section...post copied to it's own thread in the Superbike section.
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